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Restoring modifying updating repairing Quad 33 preamplifiers, Quad FM3 tuners, Quad 50E, 303, 405, 606 amplifiers,

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Quad Vintage Electronics

Quad Mods USA has become the definitive source for all of your Quad electronics repairs, upgrades, replacement parts and answers about your Quad components. Quad Mods USA specializes in vintage hifi revision for Quad, Naim, Leak, Revox.
You can be assured of the highest quality of workmanship from Quad Mods USA and the painstaking precautions we take to make sure your mint vintage components remain an undamaged or restored collectors piece. We go to great lengths to be true to the original circuit design and upgrade the components on the boards to newer parts with better specifications for sound improvement. We are a group of engineers and hi-fi enthusiasts that will treat your equipment as if it were our own prized posession. Our turn-around times are very quick and we offer a gurarantee on all of our revisions. We treat our customers the way we would like to be treated and give that "old fashioned" personalized service. We can absolutely make your Quad component sound better and it will be accomplished with the correct method. Give us a try and you will be convinced. By far we see more Quad 405 amplifiers than any other product. The Quad 405 was manufactured up until the 80's. the Quad 405 was revolutionary in it's design with being the first current dumping amplifier. The Quad 405 had basically two different versions the last in production incorporating a speaker protection circuit. The Quad 405 though legendary cam be improved upon by utilizing better opamps and output transistors. Quad Mods USA stays true to the original design of the Quad 405 because it is sound rather we upgrade the Quad 405 components to a higher grade. There are many different levels to upgrade the Quad 405 and as you go up the ladder with price there is a diminishing return but none the less an improvement of the Quad 405 at every level.

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Quad Components We specialize in revision upgrade and repair

Quad 33 preamplifier (DIY kits also available for this model)

Quad 34 preamplifier (DIY kits also available for this model)

Quad 44 preamplifier

Quad 303 amplifier (DIYkits also available for this model)

Quad 306 amplifier (DIY kits also available for this model.)

Quad 405 and 405 Mk II Mk2 amplifier (DIY kits also available for this model)

Quad 606 amplifier (DIYkits also available for this model)

Who We Are

We fell in love with Hifi-design from the 60's and the 70's, and use our craftsmanship and dedication to put new life in those Quad's, B&O's, Naims and Revoxes. So if you want to get the dust out of your ears, pick these amps out of the attic, ship them to us and they'll be returned in no time better than original, once more ready to take the prominent place in your sound system they deserve

We try very hard to earn your trust for today and the future by providing the highest quality workmanship available!


Quad Mods USA

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